Corporate / Business Account

Our corporate account facility enables organizations to manage record of official travels made by their employees and visitors. It gives them freedom to check their account details online, view history of the journeys made, and payment details. Our corporate account holders get swift response and cashless facility.

Apart from this, we offer privilege benefits to our corporate account holders by offering best available fleets and priority during peak times of traffic. Organization can keep check on the number of times of travel that helps them in managing company expenditure. Our weekly invoicing system allows you to deposit all expenses on weekly basis through various payment modes.

  • Priority services even during peak traffic hours
  • Weekly invoicing system
  • Unique ID provided to manage online account
  • Keep track of the journeys taken and payment details at online
  • Best available car from the fleet provided
  • Swift response and priority provided
  • Travel without cash and pay all the expenses on weekly basis.

If you are interested to open your business account with us, please fill out online application form and one of our company representative will contact you in 1-3 working days.